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It was an idea I had while out wandering around with one of those $8 plastic supermarket cameras, one day. Why not take pictures of things I find interesting-trees, rocks in the hills, stream beds, clouds, posts in a weedy field-and then paint pure color and white out over the image to strengthen and deepen and heighten the inherent line and form of the photo. Like having a photo on top of a photo-a palimpsest of added layering, from photo to paint to pen and then white out on top. What is this we are seeing? A photo that has grown skin or emanates an enigmatic glow? Nothing is as it seems-no image can rest on its own merit, for what it once was in these painted photos. They are commonplace daily scenes in the community with an aura of the bizarre and special-ness added in. If a good photo is reason enough to spend a few minutes looking-then isn't a painted photo even better? You decide!
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