Contemporary artist Alden Marin is a native of Southern California, where he attended grammar and high schools in the West Los Angeles and Santa Barbara areas. A graduate of Stanford University, he is an accomplished artist, musician, poet, hiker and surfer. Alden has an independent wine brokerage business, selling product to upscale restaurants and grocery chains in Greater Los Angeles.

Using traditional canvases as well as the fronts of postcards, hotel stationery and small pieces of paper, Marin paints with acrylic pens to produce contemporary, multi-colored abstracts, portraits and landscapes. One of his recent shows, entitled Faces in My Crowd: Stories of Faith, Hope & Love, was at Culture Shop Gallery in Santa Monica, California. Marin’s abstract paintings, including his abstract California landscapes, have been displayed at Drago and Solare, the fine Italian restaurants in Santa Monica and West Hollywood, respectively.

Marin’s portraits have shown at Schomburg Gallery (in Bergamot Station, which showcases contemporary art), Raw Style Gallery and Babalu restaurant, all in Santa Monica. He has also had exhibitions at Contentment Gallery and Café Vida in Pacific Palisades, where he keeps his studio, and at Polaris Cosmetics in Encino. In addition, he has presented his work at the Malibu Art Festival for the last three years, and at the Brentwood Art Fair.

Marin’s image entitled Riven Rock is now a wine label for Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon wine being sold under a private label of the same name, at the grocery chain Whole Foods Market. The artist was featured in Malibu Magazine, in an article entitled “Portrait of a Native Artist: Alden Marin and his Contemporary Local Landscapes.” In the interview that comprises the article, Marin talks about his philosophy on art and his new California landscape series.