Daily Musings

Alden Marin has been writing poetry since the age of 13. Much of Alden's poetic inspiration comes from being in nature, particularly hiking and surfing. Each of these poetry books was printed in runs of 30. There are no more than 120 of each in circulation. Signed copies are $15.

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Let's Face It!:
Selected Poems




The Alden Marin Songbook


Paddling to Misto

Counting to 1000

Asparagus on Toast

Illusions of Sweetness

Four Decades

Little Nuts

Days Without Hours

Write Everything

Garden Variety Self-Obsession


Poems for Eric & The Wooden Lady

Herzog's Pig

Everybody's in Love


Letters to Red Leaves

The Wild Side on the Inside

While You Say "Ah!"

Knee Driving

The Safety of Randomness

The Existential Wall

The Consequence of Choices

A Way into Now

I Come from a Surf Town

Pennies in the Parking Meter

Jaywalking with the Baby

A Perfect Night for Ba

A Deal with the Crows

This Town Needs a Rooster

Vietnamese New Formalism

Anecdotal Dinners

Immigrant Hands

A Gentler Way of Falling

The Night We Spilled Wine on Everything

A Friend of Beethoven

The Problem with Oxnard

An Avocado Coincidence