wine labels
Palisadian-Post. 12/05/02
Local Portraitist to Speak at Reception on December 14
Palisadian-Post. 4/03/03
Café Vida Exhibits Local Landscapes by Alden Marin
Malibu Magazine. 08/03
Portrait of a Native Artist: Alden Marin and His Contemporary Local Landscapes
The Malibu Times. 10/10/08
The Poetry in "Found Objects"
Local IQ (Albuquerque, NM). 12/13/14
Alden Marin Benefit for St. Martin's HOPE Center
The Malibu Times. 01/02/15
Malibu Artist Hosts Art Show
Cate Bulletin. Spring 2015
Dispatches: Alden Marin '74
Palisades News. 01/6/16
Artist Alden Marin Remains Prolific
Palisadian-Post. 09/22/16
Painting Himself out of a Corner

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Popeil's Favorite Artist: Mr. R. Popeil and Alden Marin talk art

Wine of the Month Club president Paul Kalemkiarian debuts gift box designed by Alden Marin

Hamish Patterson shows off his new Alden Marin original

Daniel Rolnik Foundation presents Project 0001 [code name::Leaf Faces] by Alden Marin


"A friend found a copy of one of your books in a coffeeshop in Chicago a year ago and talked the baristas into selling it to him for 8 USD. Last night in Mexico City we were discussing our favorite poets and this inspired that same friend to pull up your work online while bragging about you. You now have a half dozen new super fans from CA, MN, Mexico City, and Buenos Aires. We all think you are brilliant, and reading you aloud made last night exceptionally fun, so gracias for that."

- Dawn Pankonien

"Alden sends me his poetry and I receive it on my computer each morning - I look forward to it like an old friend. Sometimes funny, sometimes cranky - all the time true and brilliant."

- Jeffrey Tambor - actor

"At first glance the art of Alden Marin celebrates the vivid colors of a festive life. His style, a folk /impressionistic mix is deceptively complex in it simplicity. Each face subtly transmits a unique emotion or persona. It is art that shows best as a collection. For some unknown reason, the message gets stronger when viewed in a comparative light. It is not to say that each piece is not independently impressive only that my appreciation grows as I see more of his work. As an added bonus Alden delights us with his pithy titles. My favorite is, Two friends having a frank discussion about color. As you can tell, I like his work."

- Carl F.Cusato - president/CEO, Cusato & Company, Inc.

"French philosopher Emmanuel Levinas argues that the force of the face is always an ethical force before it is an ontological one. He is drawn back to the face--the demanding, transcendent, infinitely finite face--over and over in his thinking. This repetition, and the realization that founds it, is at work as well in the painting of Alden Marin. So often returning to the face, working out the meaning of the face, Marin explores the nature of an encounter with the Other, an embodied Other that more often than not is a manifestation of hope. With careful attention to color and space, Marin not so much constructs his subjects as allows them to appear on his canvas--a canvas which is, so often, a found-object, an article of trash or discard, itself an unwanted and overlooked Other. It is thus through both a process of reclamation and salvation that Marin founds his hope and works his alchemy, turning shape into gaze, line into Being. And as his deconstructed subjectivities--marginally identified, thumb-printed, and longing--stare through us like fragmented stained glass faces, we discover that they are ultimately staring with us, all of us tied together in a force that is always already an ethical force before it is an ontological one."

- Peter Steeves - critic/writer, Depaul University

"Your art always inspires me to grow and to squeeze another drop of joy out of the day."

- Jason Giles

"These faces of strangers delight the moments of my day."

- Barbara Smith

"Your work does not forego the playful but suggests more a transcendence than diversion."

- Geof Ryan

"A Gentler Way of Falling provides the reader great and varied pleasures. There is irony and satisfaction in the way the meditative 'Wonderland' leads into the combustible 'Role of the Bikers' which is followed by the gentle 'Memory of Scissors.' The author's love of nature animates each of these poems, making the personal become for the moment universal. The dates locate the poems in time, and prompt the reader to speculate on the life that produced them. 'In the Days Before Poetry' and 'All at Once' and "Grateful for the Door" and 'Kinship with the Shell' are stand outs. Altogether, this is a fascinating collection of poems.... I love how your day makes up the substance of your writing."

- John L’Heureux, author of The Medici Boy, Stanford University

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from "The Little Big Show," 2010
DRAGO RISTORANTE in Santa Monica. Sept. and Oct. of 2002
HURSH HOME in Pacific Palisades. Sept of 2002
CAFE VIDA in Pacific Palisades. April of 2002
CONTENTMENT GALLERY in Pacific Palisades. Aug. through Oct. of 2003
BABALOU RESTAURANT several pieces hanging throughout 2003 and 2004
SCHOMBERG GALLERY at Bergamot Station, small show in 2004
DRAGO RISTORANTE in Santa Monica. throughout 2004
IL SOLARE RISTORANTE in West Hollywood, throughout 2005
BANK OF AMERICA in Pacific Palisades. June through Sept of 2006
JAVA JONES in Santa Barbara. Summer of 2007    show poster
TRACK 16 GALLERY, BERGAMOT STATION in Santa Monica. Oct. - Nov. of 2007
IRON PAN in Ojai, Ca. Fall of 2007    show poster
BIRD PICK TEA & SPICE (3 locations around LA) permanent installation since 2007
MARCH MICHEL EYEWEAR SALON in Pacific Palisades, permanent installation since 2009
OPTICAL ALLUSION GALLERY in MacArthur Park, "The Little Big Show", Aug.- Sept. 2010    show poster
ARTWORKS FOR THE CURE at Bergamot Station, Sept. 26, 2010    show poster
COLORI KITCHEN in Downtown LA, permanent installation since 2010
PLUM TREE RESTAURANT in Chinatown, permanent installation since 2011
118 WINSTON GALLERY in Downtown LA, Oct., 14 2010    show poster
GALLERY: UNKNOWN in Downtown LA, April 9, 2011    show poster
FAST FRAME in Santa Monica, 2011
OGDEN'S DRY CLEANERS in Pacific Palisades, permanent installation since 2011
BLOOMING ART GALLERY in Little Tokyo, 2011
TAJ PALACE RESTAURANT in Pacific Palisades, 2011
FRAICHE RESTAURANT in Santa Monica, 2011
THE VITAMIN BARN in Malibu, 2012
TWENTY TWENTY WINE CO. in West LA, since 2012
GEM NETWORK in Jalan Legian Tengah, Kuta-Bali, 2013
BUZZ WINE/BEER SHOP in Downtown LA, 2013
MARGERUM TASTING ROOM in Santa Barbara, 2013
U.S.C. L.A. COUNTY MEDICAL CENTER in Los Angeles, since 2013
D'AMORES PIZZA in Malibu, since 2014
PACIFIC COAST GREENS in Malibu, since 2014
DANIEL ROLNIK GALLERY in Santa Monica, since 2014
SCOTT MICHAEL GALLERY / PAGE COLEMAN GALLERY in Albuquerque, "Doing the Best I Can," November 14-16, 2014    show poster
BG GALLERY in Santa Monica, "Alden Marin: Animals of the Imagination," July 21 - August 4, 2018
PRIMO PASSO COFFEE CO in Santa Monica, since 2018
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