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These faces constitute the core of my painting work to date. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of them in my collection and they represent a theme of immediacy, spontaneity and sheer, shocking color that I see as key in art. A face is so common, so universal and yet utterly unique in the world. Think of the many faces you see every day and all that they convey. And keep hidden. What they reflect about the human soul and our experience. This wellspring of source and basic influence of facial gesture is what motivates me to paint faces over and over. I hope to offer the viewer a sense of exploration, newness and familiarity with each of these faces they see and examine. Is it sadness, joy, pensiveness or puzzlement in the countenance? Maybe amazement or gratitude that you will find. Or some other quality of expression that I cannot even define. The face is endlessly mysterious and revealing. That is what I hope to demonstrate in my elaborates focus on painted faces. In all their blazes of color and intensity. 
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