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I paint a lot of couples. Hundreds of them. They seem to attract to one and other - a face on a page that begs for a mate and so I give it one. Men and women, men and men, fathers and kids, moms with infants - couples. We see them every day in life as we are a social creature and coupling up is as common as bread and butter. But there is nothing common or quotidian about these faces. Some are in love and some are wondering what they are doing next to each other. Can't you tell? Some are lonely but won't admit it. Some of them don't belong there. And others have been together like this for years, happily married. These couples come naturally to me and I just let them flow, not even aware of their exact meaning or purpose. But there they are. Dozens of them in their galleries and boxes and under curls of matted hair and looking excited to be alive, vibrant and searching as they are, in paint. Couples - they give me hope that humans are meant to be together!
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