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They are impulsive voices that come from within. I pay attention to their calling whenever I can and try my hardest to bring these animals to life - dogs with grins, sheep with confused looks, horses with horns, beasts with no name or identifying traits, but with lots of fur and colored squares. Sometimes, I don't even know why I do these, but I never hold back. I let the animals out of the zoo of the mind and onto the page without thinking too much about just how strange some of them really are. Disturbing and childish? Yes, but true to something animalistic deep within me, and all of us. I spend a lot of time thinking about animals and the fact that humans are the most complex and multi faceted of them. But many of these images are neither man nor animal. They are pure combinations of both - and so, in actuality, represent a third category - the manimal. Is that a real name? I don't know. Are any of these images real, in any way? Certainly not. But then again, on a second or third closer examination, they just might be. Let our imagination run wild.
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