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A Gentler Way of Falling
a book of 50 poems
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Each of these poetry books was printed in runs of 30. There are no more than 120 of each in circulation.


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"A Gentler Way of Falling provides the reader great and varied pleasures. There is irony and satisfaction in the way the meditative 'Wonderland' leads into the combustible 'Role of the Bikers' which is followed by the gentle 'Memory of Scissors.' The author's love of nature animates each of these poems, making the personal become for the moment universal. The dates locate the poems in time, and prompt the reader to speculate on the life that produced them. 'In the Days Before Poetry' and 'All at Once' and "Grateful for the Door" and 'Kinship with the Shell' are stand outs. Altogether, this is a fascinating collection of poems.... I love how your day makes up the substance of your writing."

- John L’Heureux, author of The Medici Boy, Stanford University

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